The frontier town of Franz-se-Uitzig is possibly the last human settlement in the South of the Empire. Its major income is from trade with Dwarves from the Vault Mountains. The position of the village affords it some protection, with the Sol and elves to the West (Loren Forest), Dwarves to the South and the Worlds Edge to the East. The village relies on “fair weather” forces, both of the Empire and Dwarves, to prevent orcs coming over the Edge in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Burgomeister: Herr Wilhelm Braun (village miller and self appointed burgomeister).

River: on the Dunn river, which runs into the river Soll/Sol (currently in flood).

State: Sudenland

Roughly 200 miles from Nuln

Population: 74 villagers, 31 adult females, 27 adult males, 16 children or babies.

Closest Town: Averheim

Inn: The Laughing Cow

Temple: Sigmar Heldenhammer, run by priestess Frau Weisskopf

Buildings: A number of artisans have shops in the village.

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